Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Looks like I got a girl pregnant!!

Who'da thought I could get a girl preggers?  I did!  Honestly I had every bit of confidence and welp... by golly it looks like it worked!  

Now you might be thinking "um... what do you mean YOU got a girl pregnant?".  I can't truly take ALL the credit.  I had the pleasure of taking an amazing workshop a little while ago from Dr. Carol Phillips ( who inspired me beyond words.  As both a bodyworker and a doula, the concepts and techniques that she shared were right up my alley!  Carol is one of those people that is overflowing with knowledge... I wanted to sit and absorb everything she had to share for about a month... but instead I was lucky enough to get a few hours. 

Basically the concepts that Carol taught are based on the alignment of the uterus and how this affects pregnancy, fetal positioning, fertility, pms, on and on.  If the ligaments that hold the uterus in place are torqued in any way then we can run into many not so fun physical dilemmas from infertility to painful periods, to painful pregnancies, to difficulty having a successful natural delivery.  SO what do we do?  She taught 4 easy releases to help set our clients up for the most positive birth outcomes possible (and for them to be able to align themselves!) 

The results?  Well... I have 4 stories to share: 

1) The first night (literally) after I took Carol's workshop I got a call from a desperate at-term mom-to-be who was having horrible low back pain.  Her back was spasming to the point where she thought perhaps she was in labor.  I immediately knew what to try as she begged for relief, so I had her put the phone on speaker so that I could teach both her and her husband on the spot.  After just a moment in the release I heard her sigh and say "oh my gosh, that is soooo much better!".  It worked right away!  
2) The next case is actually my own.  Carol said that EVERYONE should be doing these releases daily... that your periods should never be painful.. not even a cramp.  I thought, "Wait...WHAT?" Now personally I've never had "bad" periods that have me curled up in bed all day, but sure, on the first day or so I get some cramping. I'll put it this way: I'm aware that my period is coming/there.  According to Carol, you should sit down on the toilet, pull down your panties and say "Oh!  I didn't realize it was that time!".  The only indicator should be blood... not those other not-so-fun accompanying symptoms.  So I thought, Ok.. I'll give it a whirl myself.  I showed a few clients these releases which thereby gave me an excuse to do them myself.  So the result?  My next period came and it was exactly what she said that it should be.  I sat down and badaboom: "oh!", I thought, "there it is"!  Sure enough, I had NO other symptoms.  I was pretty shocked that it had an effect that quickly but it's definitely helping me realize how easy it is to align yourself!  
3) Another client of mine (approx. 29 weeks pregnant) contacted me having intense back and stomach cramping/pain.  Long story short she ended up at the hospital but by the time she arrived, there was no concerning activity.  She spent the next day on the couch resting but a day later the pain returned.  I had her come in immediately and taught her the releases.  Since then, no pain, no cramping, no problems!
4) And now for the REALLY exciting one... how on earth did I get a girl pregnant?!  A new friend of mine recently shared that she and her husband have been trying to get pregnant for 13 months and that she's beginning to worry.  I inquired about her period history, history of accidents or injury (anything that could torque her body) and after her responses I knew I had to try those releases!  So sure enough, during the week of March 3rd, she came over and we went through each release.  Today I learned that she is indeed pregnant and according to her calendar she conceived within 2 days after I worked on her!  Now THAT's how you get a girl pregnant :)  

As I said, I can't take all the credit.  I thank Dr. Carol Phillips for sharing her amazing knowledge to our birth community.  I have every intention of using these releases on every woman I know (who will let me get a hold of her!) and we'll see if this "good luck" will continue!  

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Here we go!

So I had lunch today with a really great gal... it was a business meeting but I felt an immediate connection with her.. her spirit, her creativity, her .. well, likemindedness!  So rather than referring to her as a colleague, I feel more comfortable calling her my new long lost friend.  After sharing thoughts and stories about a million things, much about birth, she suggested that I begin a blog.  So here we are... it's almost 1am and as I lay in bed unable to sleep with typical wheels turning in my mind from creative thoughts, thoughts on my upcoming wedding, trying to make sure that I'm not forgetting anything in life between wedding to-do's, work, my clients,  to... oh that project I'd like to paint, other business adventures that I'd love to begin, that bathing suit I'd like to buy (and actually look ok in) for my honeymoon... (clearly important stuff here!)... on and on.  Suddenly Ali's voice (the new "long lost" friend) popped into my head and I thought "just blog".  So I shot up in bed, grabbed my laptop, and googled how to start a blog.  Seems easy enough, so here we go.

While I realize that those reading this are probably not so interested in my late night, wheel turning "dear diary" moments... I'll try to stick to the more profound moments that actually ARE worth sharing.  I'm blessed and honored to share a handful of hours in my life (sometimes many more than a handful) with parents who allow me into their sacred birthing bubble.  To be present with them in welcoming their little ones into this world.  I have a front row seat in those moments that literally seem to stand still: that moment between what was and what will be in life as a baby emerges into this world. I watch this little life transition as it breathes from his mother to that very first breath that he takes on his own.  In our modern day medicalized world, we often forget this miraculous moment.. one that we can't take back or ever experience again.  The moments of new, precious life thrill and drive me beyond words...  but hey, I'm gonna do my best to describe them anyway.  tomorrow.

Thank you for joining me here, and of course with parents' consent, I hope to share many inspiring stories of life.. of birth.. from the perspective of little ol' me :)