Thursday, September 6, 2012

39 week update!

Here we are at the very end (I never thought this time would actually come!) and so I wanted to try and blog a few more times before our wee little one arrives.  I know that once he's here it will be even harder for me to blog, but I would like to think that I'll find time to share tidbits of our new life as parents once we're on the other side.

So while I don't feel that I necessarily have anything terribly profound to write about today, I would like to update those who tune in to hear about my pregnancy.  I'm officially 39 weeks and READYYYY!  Shoot, I've been ready.  And let's be honest, I've looked ready since I was about 23 weeks pregnant and now I just look like I'm seriously going to POP at any moment.  Everywhere I go people warn me "not to get any ideas" by going into labor (as if I'm REALLY hoping/plotting/planning to start labor while negotiating car prices at a car dealership or picking out ice cream at the grocery store?).  So yeah, needless to say everyone within earshot is happy to comment on how ready I appear.  I guess the major waddle with heavy breathing and stopping for hard braxton hicks to pass every few feet doesn't really help my case!

{Looking surprised at my 'about to popness' at week 38}

And speaking of car dealerships, our nesting went into full force this last weekend as we purchased a new SAFE car for our family! I could NOT be, nor have I ever been, SO excited about a car.  She is so beautiful and did I mention safe? She drives so smoothly and has all these fun extras like touch screen this and that, voice activated this and that, backup camera, and she even pairs to my phone which just then comes over the whole car like the voice of God or something.  It's HEAVEN.  I literally just go out to the new car for long stretches of time (while I still have long stretches of time) and sit, listening to the amazing music that streams directly from my phone's itunes-- a major upgrade from the horrible radio station choices I was once forced to fiddle between.  Now I realize that others out there have true "luxury" cars, but for me, THIS is luxury!  Andy laughs at me as I constantly go to the window just to look out at her.  I wish I had a pic of my old clunker to prove the major bump up (ha no pun intended) from what I used to drive, but here is our newest arrival:  

{Look at this beaut!  Can you hear those angels singing like I can?}


I digress... back to pregnancy:  So my cervix is currently nice and soft... 80% effaced (yay compared to literally zilch at 37 weeks), it's now central rather than posterior, baby's head has moved down lower (-1 station.. he was -2 last check), but alas I'm only a finger tip dilated (though I was completely closed last time).  While I'm not surprised, being a first timer who's cervix has never opened before and seems to want to hold on to this baby for dear life, I HAVE been doing all that I can to help ripen 'er up for the big day.  In my own experience as a doula I've seen SO many moms work sooooo very hard for sooooo very long (already in labor I mean) just to get that cervix ripe enough to even begin dilating!  This is why we say that the longest phase is early labor.. trying to get that cervix to 4 cm because it ALSO has all that thinning, and positioning and softening to do in the meantime.  SO.. I've been taking  Dr. Christopher's Birth Prep since 34 weeks (amazing stuff people, check into it if you're pregnant!), I've been ingesting and vaginally inserting 1300mg of Evening Primrose Oil since late 36 weeks as well as drinking plenty of red raspberry leaf tea. I CAN say that the methods are working in terms of toning my uterus... boy are those Braxton Hicks strong and long and hard as a rock!  I'm definitely NOT one of these people that either doesn't get any or has no clue that they are having them.  They are VERY very obvious... and oddly, I love it!  I just started rubbing clary sage and rosemary essential oils on my belly and also adding them to baths along with castor oil packs on my belly for softening.  (Not to be confused with ingesting castor oil).  Good old fashioned sex and nipple stimulation are also beneficial, though sadly not the most comfortable at this stage of the game.  I find myself only able to lay there like a beached whale, but I'll try to spare people that awful image.  Sorry.  On a tastier note, my friend gave me a recipe for Eggplant Parmesan that is "guaranteed" to send mama's into labor within 48 hours! I don't plan to try it out until Sunday night since my amazing photographer and kindred spirit (Ali Caudill) is unavailable over the weekend (how dare other people go and get married using MY photographer when I'm busy trying to have a baby here!)  ;)  All in all I know that this little guy will come when he's good and ready.  It's not about me pushing him to get outta there, but more about me prepping my body so that WHEN he decides it's time I will hopefully have less work to do!

So the last few days my contractions were crampier, I had a little blood after my exam yesterday (though that's normal after an exam at this point in the game so I can't really attribute it to actual bloody show), and last night I felt a bit nauseous with my contractions.  I'd like to think that it's just helping my body to prepare for the big day!  My baby's fetal position still changes... some moments he's LOA (rarely though and THAT'S the position I'd prefer he'd choose!), some moments he's ROA,  and often he slinks back to OP.  Darn it!  (If you're unfamiliar with fetal positioning and would like to know what the heck I'm talking about, visit: ). I do feel confident that he'll rotate in labor, if not just before... I don't know why, but I just feel ok about everything.

And that brings me to my mental state.  I'm really finally ready.  I don't feel so anxious like I did about a month ago.  I've been doing as much work in that department as I can and I truly feel at ease with all of it.  That doesn't mean that I just know how my birth will unfold.  I don't.  But I do trust that everything that happens is unfolding perfectly in it's own way (even if it's not part of the life script, or birth script, that I may have written) and so I can trust that I am surrounded by the Love and that everyone who arrives to support me is exactly who is meant to be there and every scenario that unfolds is exactly as it should be.  Whenever I put life into perspective that way it eases off SO much pressure.  All that control we try to have as we venture into the unknowns can be exhausting!  When I stay present and just TRUST, then I know that everything will be as it should be... no matter what that looks like.

So that's where I am!  Hoping this little guy will make his appearance sooner rather than later as we are SO excited to finally meet him, but I also know that if he's anything like me he'll be taking his sweet time!

{Photo taken from my midwife at my last appointment.... feeling relaxed and excited! :)}


  1. Juli you are pure delight! My love to you and Andy.
    WHITELIGHT in abundance is beaming your way.
    So much love,

  2. Juli! I haven't talked to you in soooooooo long, so firstly hiiiiii! And congrats mom! You're definitely looking ready to pop! And still beautiful:) And I'm loving this blog. I just read it for the first time! You seem to be in an incredibly healthy physical and spiritual state and full of love! Sending all positive thoughts!! Bless!

    1. Hi!! I feel horrible asking this, but based on the "screen name" I have no idea who this is!! If you read this, tell me!! :)

  3. Aaaw, beautifully written Juli! So glad I grabbed your camera to capture you at our last appointment. Now do you believe that you look incredibly cute and GLAMOROUS? Yes, even at this stage! Guess you do, because you posted it, ha, ha! :-)
    Love you,