Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Is a Positive Peanut Gallery Possible??

A Cesarean is Not a Failure: One Woman's Story

I just read the above story on the Birth Without Fear blog and the comments following startled me.  This is EXACTLY what I was speaking of when I recently wrote "Judgement".  Perhaps my idea of everyone being supportive of each other, kind, and open-hearted is all just a "hippy, granola, I-wish-for-world-peace" mentality... but really, why is that SO difficult to achieve?

Everyone is entitled to voicing their opinion, and I feel that with today's access to the internet, blogs, social networking and most importantly HIDING behind a computer screen, "voicing" has been made much easier without the thought of how it might effect others.

But my question is this: Is our "right" to voice our opinion more important than how it may effect those who read/hear it?  Is sending someone into a tailspin of self doubt or guilt just for a few sentences of "speaking your voice" worth it??  Perhaps if we all just went by this motto:  "If it's going to negatively impact those reading it.. don't say it", then perhaps we'd have a bit more harmony in this world.  I'm not saying for everyone to walk around and lie all the time or pretend that certain things in life just don't plain hurt because I realize they do.  But I think we allow things to hurt enough on our own, we self deprecate enough on our own, and we all live with our share of guilt very well WITHOUT the negativity from the peanut gallery.. so perhaps if the peanut gallery started working on adding a dose of positive, the world would be a happier place.  Just sayin'... since I have the RIGHT to do so :)


  1. yes yes yes and more yes. i couldn't agree more. what is with that? didn't everyone's mama teach them... if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. (ps i need to hear this in your mama's voice).

  2. nicely done, Juli! You're so right to put it this way. If only more folks c/would/will forego their soapbox in favor of community and support...
    "all ya need is love... wah wah wah wah"