Friday, March 16, 2012

So I'M actually taking the Journey of the Bump too???!

Well the time has finally come!  Many of my clients, past and present, have often said that they can't wait to hear all about when I take this little ol' Journey of the Bump myself... so here we are!  A sweet little bean has finally decided to set up shop inside of me!! {And by finally, I should say that I mean that I've waited my whole life for this... but when the time came we were blessed to conceive after only our 2nd try!}. I've decided to share this journey through my blog since I think that I have a unique perspective. I am a childbirth professional who knows {and by knows I mean intellectually, intuitively, and through "experience" having studied and worked as a supporter and observer} her fair share not only about the major physical changes this journey brings to a woman's body, but also the hugely transformative experience of the mind, the heart, and the spirit through pregnancy and childbirth.  And yet, with all of this "knowledge" I have never been blessed with the chance, until now, to walk the walk myself (and we all know that talking the talk and walking the walk are two very different things!).  Those of you who know me, even just a tad, know that I am beyond thrilled to be taking a turn at this amazing experience!

So while this won't be published until my husband, Andy, and I decide to "go public" with our news (which means if you're reading this then I've finally made it to my second trimester!!), I've decided to start my blog from...well naturally, the beginning!  While I've decided to pull back on my work load during my pregnancy, I will still be attending births and providing bodywork, so of course I will enjoy sharing these beautiful experiences as one who is taking this journey alongside my clients.   I hope those of you who choose to read along will enjoy this journey with me as my professional perspective shifts, my own motherly fears arise and (hopefully!) subside, and if all goes my own precious little blessing enters this world in his or her very own special way.  Now here we go!

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  1. Thank you for letting us all in on the journey.
    You are love!